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Capella Close Contact Merino kouluhuopa ,musta - Premier Equine

Premier Equine

Capella Close Contact Merino kouluhuopa ,musta - Premier Equine





Ylellinen satiinihohtoinen koulusatulahuopa ihanan pehmeällä merinovilla pehmusteella ja satulan paikallaan pitävällä gripillä.

Merinovillainen pehmuste paitsi heikentää satulasta selkään kohdistuvaa painetta myös siirtää ja haihduttaa kosteutta tehokkaasti. Grip raidat satulan alla pitävät satulan paikoillaan.

Premier Equine satulahuovat toimitetaan kestävässä, vetoketjullisessa säilytyspussissa.


Crafted with a luxe quilted satin outer fabric that elegantly sheens in the light this dressage saddle pad boasts signature styling for a supreme finish.

The under-saddle section features a silicone print gel that has been incorporated to prevent your saddle slipping and adjustable Velcro D loop straps and Velcro girth straps allow you to secure your saddle pad to your saddle.

Half lined with fibrous grade 1 Merino wool which has the ability to absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture, keeping your horse dry and comfortable under saddle. Real wool is still one of the most technically advanced materials in the world and probably the best you can use under a saddle pad.

Our spine design has been developed to reduce pressure points and provide the best protection for your horse. With a larger surface area covering the entire under-seat panel region, the natural fibres will effectively wick away moisture from the skin, distribute pressure evenly and aid shock absorption.

The underside of the pad is engineered with our highly absorbent Air Tech mesh lining and the wicking fibres present in the filling draw moisture away from the skin, helping to keep your horse comfortable during ridden work. The soft satin binding on the saddle pad has been designed as a comfort feature to contour to the horse’s shape and prevent rubbing.

Additional anti-slip protection and anti-rub exist in the form of the 600-denier polyester girth protection panel. A dressage saddle pad for the rider that seeks technical performance and luxe styling from their equipment.

Your Capella Close Contact Merino Wool Dressage Square has been carefully hand packaged in a complimentary, reusable zip-fastened storage bag to keep your tack room tidy when not in use and for easy carrying.

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TEkniset ominaisuudet
  • Korkea säkätila
  • Grip kuvio satulan alla
  • Topattu materiaali
  • Merinovillainen puolipehmuste satulan alla
  • Kosteutta siirtävä täyte
  • Pituus = 66cm, Korkeus = 56cm


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